First Star

Colours at the edge of day mix twilight,
We are free at last. Day's glare
Can't hide us, night can't hold us yet.
Fears come stealthily downwind
And that's enough relief for now.
I've hung upon this twenty-four hour tide
Too long—I cannot ride the calm,
I cannot dream until my eyes are closed.
I used to remember smells.
I used to remember without trying.
Other days have taught me other lessons,
Nights have taught me other days.
But dusk comes back the same and unremembered,
And every colour in the world
Is wedged between the evening greys.
Right now I don't care what they think.
There's enough light left to see forever,
No reason left to ever speak again.
It's warm at last, and a forgotten sunset
Burns forever in the darkening sky.