Winter passed in procession, rapid,
Like the White Rabbit rubbing his watch.
It overtook weather, dodging rain
That greeted spring, that jostled with the
Days of sun; sun hardened everything.
And now the rough road warms like lizard skin.
Cloud shadow wakes a mural on blank walls,
And my suspicion is the daisy
Slyly baiting the sun has got a secret from me,
But if I address it, it will vanish with a pop
Back through the pavement crack. The traffic lights
Are whistling red-green-amber riffs, a jig
For city sprites and empty cans of coke
That clamber out of bins to cross the road and
Roll and chirp,
a song too brief to snatch.
Have you been reading fairytales, they'll ask.
Some days the freeway fish swim all too fast;
Some days I wake to hear laughter flash
Past leaning traffic signs and radar traps
And feather up the underside of cars.