I bus to Perth / must cost less than parking there / I find the fare that it incurs fair / I find I know which way it turns / but though I daily stare / the city blurs / no glimpse caught transfers between transfers / one thought recurs:
he missed a train / time sieves / now this is all it gives / it let him fall / lost grain / now I recall a face / forget the place / know no name / I think he dropped a purse / went on her knees / as if she might appease which god / and lift what curse / and then the skies would clear and the train reverse / a small step forward for public transport and a greener Earth / and blacker streets / and public smog / the haze defeats my search for her / I want to say that every day I think of her / they slide into a travelogue / the faces blur / they fade like 8am fog
she wore a frown / like every other in the crowd / he faded too soon as the purse was found / a new train came around / they're all the same discounting time / she climbed aboard (again) this time / home bound or city bound (again) this time / the platform blurred / and with it any witnesses of what occurred.