Your son, Tony, is a young doctor who often works long hours at the hospital.  He is a quiet, thoughtful person.


Your daughter, Sue, works at a restaurant.  She enjoys her job because she likes talking to people.  But she also wants to get married and have a child.

Your son, Paul, enjoys many sports such as football, basketball, and mountain climbing.  He works for a small company.  He would like a wife, but not children.


Your daughter, Julie, owns a bookshop and is often very busy.  Although she is young, the workers respect her, and she is very generous to them.

Your son, David, has an important job at the bank.  Your family is quite rich, so David is used to good clothes and expensive holidays.


Your daughter, Jenny, is studying chemical engineering at a top university.  She loves going to restaurants, watching movies, and travelling.

Your son, Martin, has a job as a gardener but he thinks his work is boring.  In his spare time he paints, and enjoys reading poetry.


Your daughter, Ingrid, is a shy girl who works at a nearby factory.  She’s an excellent piano player, and usually plays for at least an hour every day.

Your son, Edward, is studying business at college.  He talks a lot, and is very confident (in fact some people think he is a bit bossy).


Your daughter, Emma, is a pretty girl who dreams of becoming a movie actress.  She enjoys shopping, especially with her friends.