Study Choices (A)


1. Parent

Your daughter Emma is a quiet girl, who spends a lot of time reading books or using the computer. A job where she doesn’t have to talk much to other people would probably suit her.


2. Teacher

Although Shannon’s results are not very high, she can express herself very clearly when she speaks or writes. She is a popular student, and her classmates recommended her for class monitor (班长) this year. She has done this job very well, and helped you a lot.


3. Parent

You want your son Michael to study accounting. It would be foolish to study anything else, because all the best jobs are in business. When he graduates, you will find a job for him in your construction (建设) company.



Study Choices (B)


1. Teacher

Although Emma is a hard-working student, most of her results are average. Only her results in maths are excellent, because her thinking is very logical. However, last week she said: “A computer could finish these maths questions much faster!”


2. Parent

Although you encourage your daughter Shannon to study more, she spends a lot of time shopping with her friends, looking for “bargains”. She especially likes fashionable clothes.


3. Teacher

Your student Michael is a little bit shy, but he’s a friendly boy, and he can talk for hours about music or politics or “the meaning of life”. In class, he sometimes reads books or draws pictures when he should be studying! His best subject is Chinese, and his worst is maths.