In the family is the mother more important than the father?



Is the United Nations doing a good job?



What is the first thing you would do as President of China?



What is the ideal age for a man to marry?



What is the ideal age for a woman to marry?



How important is money to you?



Give me two good reasons to go into space.



Why would you marry a foreigner?



Think of a reason when it would be OK to tell a lie.



If North is the opposite of South what is black the opposite of?



I want you to first point south and then east.



What flavour toothpaste do you like?



When should you NOT wear jeans?



Why are motorcycles dangerous?



In a rock group what would you play?



Why is plastic better than wood?



Why are motorcycles dangerous?



Tell me what makes you laugh?



Tell me what makes you sad.



What are good ways of staying healthy?



Do rich people have more fun?



Would you change your hair colour to red?



Why do girls wear lipstick?



What makes a good boyfriend?



What makes a good girlfriend?



Why should you study hard?



Is the biggest always the best?



Why is saving money important?



Why is saving electricity important?



Why is saving water important?



Why is smoking dangerous?



Why is air travel dangerous?



What are two things you like about your best friend?



Are parents too strict with their children?



What are two things that make a good teacher?



Give two reasons to study hard.



Give two reasons to learn a musical instrument.



Why should we get plenty of sleep?



Is true love hard to find?



What is 7 plus 7?



Would you marry a man/woman who is 10 years older than you?



Would you marry a man/woman who is 20 years older than you?



Do boys or girls have more freedom?



Why are friends more important than money?



What will you do when you retire?



What is the worst thing about being a teacher?



What is the best thing about being a teacher?



Why do westerners like Chinese food?



What is your favourite western food?



Tell me how to spell ‘English’.



What kind of pet would you like to own?



Tell me your biggest fear.



Tell me your biggest hope for the future.



Why is education important?



Why are mothers important?



Why are fathers important?



Why should the capital of China be moved to Dalian?



Why should children obey their parents?



Give me two reasons to learn to swim.



If you were changed into an animal, which one would you like it be?



What is the first line of your favourite song?



Would you ever marry for money rather than love?



How would you make the world peaceful?



How much would you pay for your first car?