Office Roleplays (A)


1. Worker A


It is 5pm on Friday, but the boss has just asked you to work overtime to finish a project.  That’s terrible, because you have a date tonight!  Beg Worker B to do the project instead of you.


You start: “Have you got any plans for tonight?”


2. New worker


You are a computer programmer, and you have just started a new job today.  You feel a bit nervous, but the office is nice (it has air-conditioning!) and the people seem friendly.


Your partner starts.


3. Boss


Last week, you gave a Worker a project, and told that person to finish it by today.  You need the results from the project for a meeting at midday tomorrow.


You start: “Have you finished that project yet?”


Office Roleplays (B)


1. Worker B


It is 5pm on Friday.  You have no plans for tonight, but you are looking forward to going home and resting because you feel very tired.


Your partner starts.


2. Experienced worker


You see a New Worker.  Ask that person what their job is, and what they think of this company.  Invite them to eat lunch with you.


You start: “Are you new here?”


3. Worker


You were supposed to finish an project by today, but you haven’t finished yet because you didn’t have time.  You have had to do many other important things this week.  Explain to your Boss that you will finish it by the end of tomorrow.


Your partner starts.