I went to Antarctica (南极) and brought back this cup of snow (but it has melted).

This hair is from a

yak (牦牛) that I rode in

Tibet (西藏).

I took this peach from a table in a temple () on top of Tai Shan (泰山).

I bought this hotdog at a baseball (棒球) game in New York.

I used this key to attach a padlock (挂锁) to the Great Wall (万里长城).

I went to England and took this photograph of the Queen.

I took this cheese from a pizza (意大利饼) that I ate in Italy.

I took this camera to Africa, but an elephant sat on it!

On the backs of these cards should be written:


a cup of water

some hair

a peach (桃子)

a hotdog (红肠面包)

a key

a photo of an old woman

baked cheese

a camera, broken into 100 pieces




And here is an extra one, perhaps useful for a demo:


I bought these earplugs in Sydney, Australia, and wore them in the Sydney Opera House (悉尼歌剧院).  I don’t like opera!



On the back should be written: