What do you usually eat for breakfast?

What’s your favourite food?


What’s your favourite hot drink?

Have you ever eaten snake?


What’s your favourite snack food?

Do you like milk?


Do you often eat between meals?

What foods do you hate?


What’s your favourite Western food?

Do you like sweet food?


What’s your favourite alcoholic drink?

Do you like spicy food?


In your family, who usually cooks?

Have you eaten dog?


Do you eat quickly or slowly?

What’s your favourite fruit?


Have you used a knife and fork?

Have you ever been on a diet?


What’s your favourite cold drink?

Have you or your family ever cooked outside?


Have you ever killed an animal and eaten it?

What food do you eat when you’re sick?


How many liang () of rice do you usually order?

Do you often chew chewing gum (口香糖)?


What food do you eat when you’re unhappy?

In your opinion, what food is the least healthy?


Do you eat fried rice with chopsticks or a spoon?

What’s your favourite restaurant in this town?


In your opinion, what food is the most healthy?

Which countries’ foods have you eaten?


In your opinion, which part of China has the best food?

What’s your favourite kind of porridge ()?


When you cook instant noodles (方便面), do you add anything extra?