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Although Chinese bookshops have lots of material related to oral English, very little of it is based on the principles of communicative language teaching which this website endorses. Therefore, the best time to go shopping for books is before you leave your country.

I have found the following books to be useful.

Discussions That Work (by Penny Ur)

(Cambridge University Press, 1981). The definition of "discussion" used by this book encompasses everything from guessing games to logic problems. It begins by covering the theory behind what makes a speaking activity successful, and then goes on to give a large number of practical examples, most of which are feasible in a chinese classroom.

Keep Talking (by Friederike Klippel)

(Cambridge University Press, 1984). This book contains more than a hundred speaking activities. However, several activities seem to be designed for relatively small classes (although it might be possible to adapt some of them for larger classes).

What Do You Think of This Advice? (by Barbara Nesbitt)

(Dominie Press Inc., 1992). This is a workbook containing speaking and writing tasks based on letters to a magazine advice column. I have used some of the letters as a basis for discussion in my classes. Note that the content of the letters seems to be aimed at teenagers.

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how to improve it??? can u tell me
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Are u Conducting Spoken English classes through Websites??? If Yes, please tell me u'r Web Address!!!
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