Activity 27: Adventure Holiday Discussion

▶ Duration:  15–25 min
▶ Aim:  Oral fluency practice
▶ Summary:  Students plan an adventure holiday in groups.

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Students can let their imagination run wild to design a fanciful 6 day adventure holiday.

Introduce the activity with an example. Since I am from Australia, I described an Australian Adventure Holiday, but you might like to invent your own example. I made my example a bit outrageous, to demonstrate to the students that they do not have to be too serious. On the board I wrote:

Australian adventure holiday
day 1: photographing kangaroos
day 2: surviving in the desert
day 3: skiing on Uluru

I told my students that an adventure holiday is not like a normal holiday. On the first day of this holiday, each person is given a camera and a motorbike and drives around photographing kangaroos. On the second day, the motorbike is taken away and they are left to survive in the desert. They either survive or die; a very exciting day! I showed the class a postcard depicting Uluru, a dry red rock in central Australia (also known as Ayres Rock). The third day of the holiday is skiiing on Uluru, except that of course there is no snow so you just ski down the rock.

After giving this example, I erased the details and expanded the plan to six days:

                   adventure holiday
day 1:
day 2:
day 3:
day 4:
day 5:
day 6:

Explain the activity: students work in groups to plan a holiday. The aim is English discussion, not writing, so they only need to write a few words to describe each day. Warn them that at the end you will ask some people to explain their holidays! They might choose (write these suggestions on the board) "ocean", "forest", "Chinese", "mountain", "city", or some other holiday of their own choice. Check:

Afterwards, you could ask a representative from each group to describe their group's adventure holiday, or you could get each student to pair up with a student from a different group and explain their holidays to each other.
Rating: 3.5 stars

This is an opportunity for relatively free discussion, and has the advantages of an interesting topic and a concrete task (a six day plan) to give direction to the discussion. But it might be a bit demanding on vocabulary, and like all free discussion activities it can be difficult to keep students from lapsing into their first language.

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coffee []
27.11.2004 , 00:14

Very good idea,and I would like to try it in my class.Thanks.
11.04.2005 , 15:36

this could be expanded to have some students playing role of travel agency and have them be required to make reservations.
joesp [] [homepage]
27.07.2005 , 02:33

Interesting activity.You can actually have all students participate by letting each student in a group explain a day's adventure.
isidore []
22.11.2005 , 12:37

this is a very nice and interesting lesson for students. I will try this next time. Thanks a lot!
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