Activity 12: Swap recipes

▶ Duration:  10–15 min
▶ Aim:  Oral fluency practice
▶ Summary:  Students tell each other a recipe from their own knowledge.

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Instruct students to work in pairs, and tell each other a recipe.

The activity might start to lose interest after one recipe, but if you really want to stretch it out longer you could ask students to find a different partner and tell either the same recipe again or a different recipe.

You could introduce this activity by telling the class a simple recipe. For example, how to make a hotdog!

You could first talk about the kind of language people use when giving instructions like this. Imperatives are possible ("First peel the potatoes, then chop them."), but the present tense seems the most natural to me, with "you" as the subject ("First you peel the potatoes, then you chop them.")
Rating: 3 stars

There are two drawbacks to this activity. One is that some students' culinary range is limited to instant noodles or fried egg. The other is that the recipes might include ingredients or cooking methods that the students don't know how to express in English.