Activity 11: World's Greatest Discussion

▶ Duration:  15–20 min
▶ Aim:  Oral fluency practice
▶ Summary:  Groups brainstorm ideas for why x is the world's greatest y.

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A simple discussion idea. Each group receives a different word, and since the discussion should only take 5–10 minutes, they can later swap their word with a different group and repeat the discussion.

Choose a topic that suits the content of the lesson, such as "The World's Greatest Food". Write down several different words (in this example, foods), each on a different card (or write two cards for each word, if you can't think of enough good words), enough for each group to receive one word.

See the Resources section for examples.

Explain the topic, warning that you will ask some groups for feedback at the end of the discussion. Divide the class into groups of 3 or 4, and give each group one of the cards.

After the first round, ask one student to quickly present their group's ideas. Then have each group swap their card with another group, and repeat the discussion. As for the word which was already presented to the class, you might like to replace it with different card.

After the second round, you can again invite one or more students to present the ideas from their group.

The World's Greatest Food

Before the activity, there is an opportunity to demonstrate the aim of the discussion and introduce a new food at the same time, by picking a food that is uncommon in China and arguing why it is "The World's Greatest Food". For example, breakfast cereal is fast, convenient, cheap, healthy, varied, can be prepared with warm milk in winter, etc.

The foods (and drinks) might include: noodles, chocolate, pizza, tea, soup, rice, beer.
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