25 January 2003 2003 nian 1 yue 25 hao

Portrait: Myself

Allow me to introduce myself, and remind myself how I got here.

My name, in case I don't mention it elsewhere, is Todd. I live in Perth, Western Australia, a city which must pose a real challenge for travel writers needing to fill up a page. But I don't mean that as a criticism, since everything I have wanted I have found here: friends, music, imported chocolate, and an interesting four years at university which I remember with peculiar sentimentality (although I only graduated two years ago).

In fact, my degree is in computer science, but it was those few elective units in philosophy, linguistics, anthropology, and maths that made it all worthwhile. Even just a basic grounding in linguistics has helped me a great deal in my approach to the Chinese language. For the last two years I've had a job as a computer programmer at the Health Department. I've been fortunate to work with some fine people, but I'm ready for a change. A change of career and country, as it so happens.

I've been studying Chinese part-time for the last three years. I cover this in detail when I answer the question Why China?

The rest of my interests are mainly the predictable ones for a twenty-something consumer: I listen to music (but not pop music), I watch films (but not Hollywood films), and I hang out with my friends. I'm also a bad guitar player and inexperienced poet.

I lived for a year in a nice little unit, a bikeable distance from the city and my workplace. I just moved out last week, and now I'm staying with my parents while I count down to my departure.

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