24 December 2002 2002 nian 12 yue 24 hao

Introduction: Snow

Christmas Eve, and it's snowing in Dalian, China. This I know because of that modern marvel, the Internet. Here in Australia, I am enduring one of Perth's hottest Decembers on record, with a maximum today of 34°C.

If all goes to plan, I will be reporting on the weather in Dalian first hand next Christmas. I will arrive there in less than two months' time. That's after Chinese New Year (which, on the Gregorian Calendar, happens to fall on the 1st of February next year), and therefore officially Spring in China, but sub-zero temperatures will still be commonplace in Dalian at that time of the year. Lucky me! An exciting new experience! This Aussie will be concealing his tan under a mian'ao (a type of cotton-padded jacket).

But before that, I have two months of Australian summer before me in which firstly to obtain that tan, and secondly to prepare for 11 months of teaching English in China. This web site will chronicle my experience of living and working within an unfamiliar culture. I have decided to begin writing before my actual arrival, since part of me is already there: not a day goes by when I don't think about China and the apartment that is waiting for me there.

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