Daishu Yu Long

The Kangaroo and the Dragon

The experiences of an Australian living in China. Currently working for an NGO in Beijing.

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Dalian (February 2003–June 2004)

February eryue
19 hao   Journal: Camping at 1-3-1
19 hao   Journal: Wrong Bus to Dalian
26 hao   Culture: Instant Friends
March sanyue
12 hao   Journal: Teaching And Sometimes Sleeping
13 hao   Letter: Yi ge ren
22 hao   Editorial: Pride and Industry
29 hao   Journal: Language Exchange, The Great Game?
April siyue
8 hao   Editorial: Intercultural Communication for Dummies
9 hao   Journal: The Middle of an English Corner
12 hao   Journal: Living at 1-3-1
15 hao   Journal: The Policeman's Tie
22 hao   Journal: SARS-free Zone
29 hao   Poem: The Invasion
May wuyue
2 hao   Journal: Shuttlecock Makes Work for Idle Feet
10 hao   Journal: Are You Drinkin' With Me Kevin?
23 hao   Letter: San ge yue (three months)
June liuyue
11 hao   Journal: A Friendly Lesson (no comments)
13 hao   Journal: Back in the Saddle (3 comments)
15 hao   Culture: And All I Got Was This Stupid T-shirt (5 comments)
29 hao   Journal: Karaoke Concert (no comments)
July qiyue
3 hao   Culture: The Outdoor Type (3 comments)
6 hao   Journal: Ally-oop! (1 comment)
14 hao   Letter: Liu ge xingqi (six weeks) (3 comments)
19 hao   Journal: Big Convenience (7 comments)
23 hao   Culture: You'll Never Seafood Fresher (5 comments)
August bayue
11 hao   Editorial: Dear China-bound (6 comments)
18 hao   Culture: The Cult of English (4 comments)
24 hao   Journal: A Day in Dalian (3 comments)
September jiuyue
12 hao   Journal: Two Festivals in Mid-Autumn (2 comments)
18 hao   Culture: Tales of Bureaucracy (3 comments)
October shiyue
1 hao   Journal: What I'm Reading (5 comments)
4 hao   Journal: The Kangaroo and the Rising Sun (1 comment)
16 hao   Letter: This Other Life (2 comments)
23 hao   Journal: Carnival of Sports (1 comment)
26 hao   Journal: But You Can't Choose Your Fish (6 comments)
November shiyiyue
29 hao   Journal: Chinese Speech Contest (7 comments)
December shieryue
10 hao   Journal: My Conspicuous Absence (4 comments)
27 hao   Journal: Hiding from Christmas (2 comments)
January yiyue
2 hao   Journal: Chinese Not-Chinese New Year (1 comment)
8 hao   Letter: Last Days of the Sheep (3 comments)
11 hao   Pictorial: Bus to Dandong (7 comments)
February eryue
3 hao   Journal: Holiday at Home (3 comments)
March sanyue
4 hao   Editorial: Toto's Africa (55 comments)
17 hao   Culture: Seven Ways to Say 'Foreigner' (26 comments)
30 hao   Editoral: A New Perspective on Hello (16 comments)
April siyue
7 hao   Journal: The Policeman's Tea (2 comments)
21 hao   Seeking Advice: Volunteering (4 comments)
30 hao   Letter: Over the Sea and Into a Rut (2 comments)
May wuyue
8 hao   Journal: In Search of Quiet (18 comments)
20 hao   Culture: Chinese Sandwiches (12 comments)
29 hao   Journal: Cooking at 1-3-1 (2 comments)
June liuyue
9 hao   Culture: These Crazy Chinese (21 comments)
18 hao   Letter: Why Still China? (7 comments)
27 hao   Journal: I'm Going To... (9 comments)
July qiyue
16 hao   Pictorial: Qingdao (no comments)